Testimonials AKA After Action Reports


Testimonials AKA After Action Reports

Everglades GLOCK Range Event 2018

All in all, it was a highly informative three hours that gave me a good basis for both keeping safe outside of the home and integrating the other means of self-protection that I carry on a daily basis. Really looking forward to what Paul and his team have in store for further training.

After action from today’s GLOCK Range Day Event down at Lou Land Gun Club Hosted by Jeff Street (Step by Step GunTraining), great time and lost of cool stuff from multiple vendors, some pretty challenging stages and I learned that yes I can NOT shoot a GLOCK worth a crap LOL, so I went back to my Walther and did a little better. I have found in this heat and humidity however my energy does get zapped a whole lot quicker than it used to even with drinking a ton of water so by 1:00 I was beat and kind of done and my shooting was starting to fall off a little I noticed. So I decided it was time to take a break and grab a couple hotdogs and bottles of water from the local VFW Folks and then I decided to call it a day around 1:45.

I definitely want to do this again next year and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a shot to come on down and give it a try. While only the really good shooters will actually win a stage the give always including the GLOCK’s are all draw so you can still win some really cool stuff including a brand new GLOCK!!!! We had everyone from highly skilled competitive shooters running $1,500 tricked out race guns with red dot optics to people who had NEVER shot before today out there. While this was a competition it really wasn’t one in the same sense as a USPSA, IDPA or Steel Challenge Match as everyone was encouraged to just shoot at their own pace and above all be safe. Thanks again this was a great event and I was really pleased to see shooters wearing shirts from other areas of FL.

If anyone wants to attend next year or even wants to do one of the monthly Scoot & Shoots let me know and perhaps we can car pool from Naples.

Thanks again to Jeff, Robin & Lou for putting this event on and for all the RO’s who busted their BUTTS today in the blistering heat and humidity to make it all work out and to ensure everyone stayed safe!

Todd Mulholland

On Feb 9, 2019, at 6:20 PM, James Cipoletta  wrote:

Jeff & Robyn,

Many thanks to you and your phenomenal RSO’s and shooting staff. I was so excited to join you this morning at LouLand .   The experience far exceeded my expectations — a totally professional class act filled with fun and some valuable learning.  I can barely wait to come back and knock down some more steel and get to know some of your regular cadre. I just can’t say enough good things about you and the folks I met there today.

Cheers !

Jim Cipoletta

After Action Report: Introduction to Basic Knife Defense

I signed up for an “Intro to Knife Defense” class with Step by Step Gun Training, taught by Paul Rosales and his two assistant instructors, all of which have an extensive background in Escrima, Muy Thai and a bunch of other martial arts I know nothing about.

I walked into the classroom with my usual open mind about what I was going to be taught, but I will confess that in the background, I kinda had a “Yeah, how good could this REALLY be?” attitude.

Boy, was I wrong. Although the class was only three hours long, I learned A LOT about staying un-stabbed in a knife fight, and what I learned fit perfectly with both ECQC and what I’ve learned about concealed carry.

Which shouldn’t surprise me, because Paul created this class as a way to bring the worlds of civilian civilian concealed carry and the world of knife-fighting together. The point of the class wasn’t to turn us into world-class cutlery wielders, the point of the class was to give us a basic knowledge of how knife attacks happen and what we can do to get out of a bad situation as quickly as we can.

And it did just that. The class was tremendously informative and left me wanting more. As I’ve written before, martial artists tend to see ever problem in terms of a punch or kick solution and gun people tend to see BANG as the solution to every situation. This class integrated the two, and it works nicely as the bridge between the ground work and grappling of ECQC and the quick draw and retention work of concealed carry.

A few notes from class:

  • Civilians tend to keep both a knife and their gun on their right side, which is not the optimal location for a self-defense blade. I wonder if that’s because we see it as a utilitarian tool more than we do as  a weapon.
  • There are the knives you use to open up a package, and the knives you use to open up a person. Don’t confuse the two.
  • Never bring a gun to a knife fight. The reverse is also true.
  • Quick movement to the knife side in a fight opens up more space than movement back or to the left, which is also consistent with firearms teaching about getting off the X. Go figure.
  • Rapidly deploying a folding knife in a fight is theoretical at best. Go with a centerline fixed blade.
  • More than that, set up your blade so you can draw and strike in one smooth motion. I carry a centerline blade (an SOG Mini Instinct) but the handle on it faces left. Not no more. I turned it around this weekend so I can grab it with either the left or the right hand and slash upwards on the draw, giving me a chance to either gain space or go on the attack.

Farce on Farce

By Kevin C.

Misfires And Light Strikes

One of the interesting takeaways from my knife defense class was some of the comments in a Facebook group where Jeff Street posted a link to the article.  Another instructor in the group didn’t believe that the class taught anything worthwhile because it didn’t teach us how to then press the attack with a knife, it taught us how to get away from the knife and therefore was of little use.

The thing is though, I really, really don’t want to get it when I fight: I prefer not to get into a fight at all.  If I have to get into a knife fight, I want it to quickly evolve into a gun fight, because I’m much better that I am with knives.  A pistol fight also gives me the wonderful option of running away screaming in terror, which is the most effective defense against the knife there is.

The trainer who was complaining that our class was “unrealistic“ was a big proponent of force on force training to prove that his theories were correct, and the videos he posted to bolster his arguments showed that yes, they did indeed work.

As long as you play by the rules he set up prior to the start of the fight, and that’s a mighty big if.

I’m not really interested in force on force training which proves that your system works: I’m more interested in scenarios that show where it breaks and where we need to improve.  Force on force training works because we have to improvise on the fly when we’re in the fight. Force on force in training helps us improvise quicker, better, and more often, not repeat the patterns of training we already know, that’s what drills are for.

There are many trainers out there who denigrate the use of practical shooting as a way to improve your pistol skills. They say that the minute you define the rules of the match, it no longer becomes effective combat training.  Personally, I think you can thousand years of human civilization argues against this back. From the ancient Greeks on Mount Olympus to the Roman gladiator games to knights of olde jousting to samurai attacking each other with wooden swords, mankind has always used sport as a way to improve our combat ability.

Are there more rules in a sporting event than there are in real life? Of course there are! Those rules, however, are there so sport becomes a learning event, not a literal life-and-death struggle. We learn the rules, we master them, and then we learned to break them when necessary.


I had an awesome time at the scoot and shoot. I was so glad to get out of the static range and be able to shoot, transition to other targets and move. This added a whole new dimension to my practice and a lot of fun. I recommend anybody that wants to get out of the norm of shooting at a static target and start practicing more practical shooting this is the place for you. Everyone that attends is friendly and at least 75% are NRA Range Safety Officers. Whether you’re new to shooting or a seasoned 3gunner this is for you, it’s a great community of people helping each other get better at shooting and having fun while you learn. Thank you Jeff and Robyn,

                             Jamie C

We have learned SO much in attending Jeff and Robyns dry gun fire safety classes. Every single week the classes are FASCINATING! We own guns and go to the gun range and practice shooting our guns and we had no idea we really knew so little. We are VERY VERY busy people and to carve out the time to go every week it has to be good…and it IS! We have learned so much not only about gun safety but also personal safety when out and about as well as in our homes. We highly recommend this class!

In Jesus’ Joy, Patsy G.


I want to comment on the effectiveness of the training of the firearm safety classes my wife and I have been attending.  We think the classes are wonderful. Jeff, and his wife Robyn, and the other instructors and participants are top notch trainers. They teach the classes in such a way that it is not overwhelming and at the same time the classes are broken up so that each training is about a certain aspect of firearm safety.

The classes are entertaining and quite informative. We learn something new at every training. There is a informational part of the training and a practical hands-on part of the training each time we attend. This is very good, since we can immediately put what we learned to practical use right away.

This training is a great asset to the community so people can benefit from this team’s knowledge of firearm safety.

Thanks for what you folks do!

Brian D.

This Step By Step Gun Training class is exactly what I needed to get competent with my gun and all aspects of gun handling and shooting safety. The class is perfect for everyone, from beginners to advanced, as there are separate stations to accommodate each experience level in every class. Jeff, his wife Robyn, and the rest of the trainers are excellent and very knowledgeable about all aspects of gun use and safety. They provide great one-on-one help with whatever I have questions about or need to learn more about, they don’t rush you through any one aspect, plus they provide additional resources to learn more at home.

If you are considering getting a gun, go to this training first to make sure you get the right gun for you. If you have a gun but are not confident you know how to use it, go to this gun training. And if you have guns and are an experienced shooter, go to this gun training to stay on top of your skills and have fun interacting with a group of very knowledgeable and likeable gun owners.

I am so glad that I was introduced to Jeff, and this great training he makes available and I highly recommend it for everyone interested in being competent and safe handling and shooting guns.

S. Simmons

“When my wife and I made the decision to obtain a firearm and related training so that we could qualify for a concealed carry license, we chose to be tutored by Jeff and Robyn Street in their StepByStepGunTraining program, and this was a great choice.

We were guided through all phases of firearm handling, loading and firing with heavy emphasis on safety and easily qualified for our concealed carry licenses. We continue to participate in this important training and continue to benefit from Jeff and Robyn’s guidance as our proficiency and confidence improves.

Marge and Hugh

Hi Jeff and Robyn… I really want to thank  you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you have both given me in purchasing a gun and learning how to use it….After two false starts with the wrong weapon for me,(wrong advice from others) I found the new love of my life, my Glock 9mm, The special lesson that Robyn gave me in all aspects of handling and shooting my new Glock properly was invaluable for which I thank You Robyn..You’re so patient… and Jeff, you’re the man for locating my new baby…. Thanks and love to you both Barbara

After attending numerous classes on Personal Protection and Firearm Safety, taught by Robyn and Jeff Street, I have nothing but positive things to say. They both are very knowledgeable and professional all while making their class attendees feel calm yet confident in all areas pertaining to firearms. Without a doubt, I highly recommend any and all to seek instructions by the Streets’ and be assured you will not be disappointed!  

Testimonial from Jayne , Naples FL

May 31-2014

“Hi Jeff and Robyn,

Thank you Robyn and Jeff for the wonderful “Step by Step Gun Training” session!  Your attention to details on safety issues, gun laws,  proper gun etiquette and training were impeccable–and we had LOTS of fun hitting those targets!  Your enthusiasm for teaching others how to safely and responsibly handle firearms was evident throughout our training session and during your Tuesday classes.  We look forward to continue training with you!  Thank you for your service!   Ken and Linda


Just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding training you and Robyn gave us recently!

Your training was very thorough and detailed; you were both patient, encouraging instructors, and the practice shooting helped so much. We look forward to practicing shooting as gun ownership is a huge responsibility that we take seriously. We will highly recommend you!

p.s. I took the concealed weapons class with another company in early 2009 and I’m appalled at how poor the training was, not even remotely close to what you offer. We’re so glad we took your course as your passion for gun ownership, training, safety, etc. shows in your training. Thanks! Lynn”



Our German student’s 1st time shooting a USPSA style match YouTube

Living in Germany, the path to owning a handgun is a tough one. Rules, regulations, written and

practical tests, and a year of regular practice under the eyes of a teacher are needed, as are

several very comprehensive background checks.

On top of that, confidence, determination and resilience are necessary for a woman in Germany, in

order for her to enter that world of ranges that are filled and dominated by very serious male


This is where Jeff and Robyn Street came into play three years ago, helping me with their expert

knowledge and teaching skills, to gain exactly that self-confidence.

A couple of years ago, on a trip to Naples to visit my siblings, I mentioned my wish to learn to

handle and shoot a handgun. My sis recommended the Streets of SSGT to get me started on

achieving that goal. In a private lesson, Robyn and Jeff Street taught me all about gun safety, the

basic knowledge and technical skills of shooting and they informed me that I had some talent!

I was so encouraged by the Street’s extensive training that, when I was back home again in

Germany, I went to a large range and asked them to teach me large caliber pistol shooting.

The nice old guy (of riper age) who was on duty that day, holding his nice old rifle (of riper age,

too) and looking quite amused, smiled at me and said that women in general are

better off focusing on shooting BB Guns or Air-pistols. Long story short, despite his concerns, I did

register at that range and I trained and practiced there regularly, shooting only large caliber


I learned and was accepted by the male shooters and trainers, but after a while, I wanted

more than just stationary shooting – standing there and aiming at a paper target 25 meters away.

I wanted to practice dynamic shooting using different targets and shooting in motion, a practice

which is strictly regulated in Germany. Ranges where it’s possible to practice dynamically in

Germany are even harder to find than the stationary ones, and there are more regulations, rules

and tests connected with them. There’s almost no possibility for a woman who has no connections

to shooters at the dynamic ranges to work out in them. So, I hoped Jeff Street could help me once


During my visit to Naples to visit my siblings this year, I asked Jeff if he could show me some

basics of drawing a handgun and shooting at different targets. He agreed and, once again, he was

just awesome! In his kind, professional and profound way, he taught me what I wanted to learn. He

is always so patient and humorous, yet he is highly aware of what a student is doing. He notices

every detail. He sees even the smallest mistakes in a technique which will have a big influence on

hitting the target – or not. He is an outstanding teacher and I give him the highest recommendation.

At my lesson, Jeff asked me to participate in a match taking place that same night at the

Louland shooting range, outside of Naples. I have to admit that I was very nervous, wondering if I

could cope with this task. I hate being the funny person. 😉 ! Jeff encouraged me and promised to

watch over me that evening, so I accepted, knowing this opportunity would not come back in the

foreseeable future in Germany.

He loaned me his Glock, a pistol that, to my surprise, I really liked! (back home I had been

“educated“, never to shoot in matches with a Glock, because it would not be precise enough, due

to being designed for self defense).

Jeff showed me HOW to shoot the Glock and one thing I learned is that it hits precisely, where it’s

supposed to.

The evening and the match were a marvelous experience. Jeff was there and I felt cool and

confident. All the techniques he had taught me worked! And I remembered them: every step, every

drill, all that he had shown me! I had sooo much fun! The other shooters were relaxed, were very

kind and supportive, too, and they helped me to feel like a member of their family. Lou Zalesnak,

the owner and the heart of Louland, made me feel at home right away, too.

What more can I say? Once more – one lesson with Jeff gave me the knowledge I was looking for. I

now have the skill and confidence to go and find ranges in Germany like the one I visited In Naples

and be successful.

Thank you Jeff!

Your kind personality and your professional training and outstanding support made the difference

for me. I wish I could come to your SSGT more often and learn more from Robyn and you.

And, I will definitely be back with you at StepbyStepGuntraining.com on my next visit to Naples.

01/12/2018 Monika.

I was going to go down there today for the Shoot & Scoot but they told me they were FULLY BOOKED UP!!!! Something about a bunch of people from the East Coast coming over and taking up all the spaces or something LOL!!! Enjoy I always enjoy the Shoot & Scoots and I’ve been so busy I didn’t know if I could make it until the last moment. Jeff and his wife run a pretty good event down there and I love the fact that unlike a match there’s no pressure so even new shooters can practice drawing from a holster and shooting in a safe and managed environment and get some training if they need it as well.

Glad to see our little S&S is attracting people from other parts of the state. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you down there at one of these. I met several people from Miami last year at a S&S.

From one of our students:

Hi Jeff and Robyn, I hope, you‘re all healthy and safe.

Yesterday I participated at the German National IPSC Championship with my CZShadow2 with red dot and I won Lady’s 3rd place. 😎

Thank you for giving me the power and self confidence to start with this in Germany. Thank‘s for all, you‘ve given me.

God bless you and your entire family.

Love from Monika )7/12/2020

Step by Step Gun Training