Private Group Training


This is an exciting option.  You can create your own group and order training based on your unique needs.  It is a good idea to have a training partner.  Your partner can be an accountability partner to make sure that you are working to maintain and improve your skills.  Your partner also provides another set of eyes to make sure that you are performing at the highest level possible with all safety precautions in place.  Finally, training with a partner is fun.  A shared hobby always creates a stronger bond.  It also makes it possible to have some friendly competitions.  Competition can be used to motivate individuals to stay focused on improving their skills.  In the end, you are really competing against yourself.

This is your chance to choose the location, the group and the training focus.  Students that share a common training experience remember more of the training tips and techniques.  Private groups also allow you to share the expense and the experience.

This is a great option for families.  If you are going to carry a firearm or keep one in the house, we feel that it is very important for everyone in the home to receive some level of instruction about the firearm.  For some members of the family this instruction will simply be “don’t touch…tell an adult” or just an overview of the safety precautions that the manufacturer and owner have put in place.  The best scenario is a family that trains together.

Unfortunately, we have all heard of stories of people becoming innocent victims of crime.  Nothing can be done to guarantee that you will not be targeted by a criminal, but there are steps that you do to minimize your chances.  We can offer helpful tips and suggestions that you can incorporate into your lifestyle and living environment.  A commitment to awareness and planning can make all the difference.

The combination of groups, locations and topics are endless.  Just let us know who you have gathered together and what information that you would like us to cover.  Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your unique needs and ideas.

Step by Step Gun Training