Scoot and Shoot Range Day

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 Scoot and Shoot Range Day

Our Scoot & Shoot event is for all skill levels. Our guests come here to get better and have fun. This is not a competition. If you are interested in competition, this will start you on your journey.We have guests that have never shot a gun before. We have guests that are successful competition shooters, and everything in between. We loan equipment to those who need it. If you haven’t yet bought a gun, don’t until you learn how to shoot one.  You will learn how to draw and re-holster a gun safely. 

Our typical Scoot and Shoot is 3 hours and $40

A Perfect Run LouLand Stage 2 YouTube Video

Pre Live Fire Range Day Dry Practice safety skills YouTube Video



Aerial LouLand   Check out this video on YouTube:

Map 12425 Union Rd, Naples, FL 34114


Concealed Carry Needs An On-Ramp


Taking It Off the Streets



We can book special classes and private events almost any time just ask us.

Private Lessons are available. Be a shooting event organizer

This will be Fun and we will provide some instruction


Stage 1 Stage design

Stage 2 Stage design

You Can Bring the 2 Release Forms Filled out front and back in order to save time at registration.

Please bring your own gear (or let us know is you need to borrow something) Download the PDF What to bring 


Ammo approximately 200-300 rounds

Good non collapsible holster

Good belt


Closed toe shoes

High neck long sleeve shirt that is not as likely to catch hot brass

Long pants

Mag pouch or suitable pocket

Ear Protection

Eye Protection including side shields


Bug Spray

Beverage and snacks for yourself


A Great Attitude!

We will have a maximum number of spaces available

This is a Non-Refundable Prepay event because we have to cover the range fees regardless.

Personal videotaping and photography will be allowed If you do not want to be videotaped it will be up to you to let people know.

Contact us to reserve your spot or if you have any questions etc.

Jeff Street 239-641-6140 Call or Text

Always receive professional training before arming yourself. We are not attorneys. We do not give legal advice. We give practical advice. In all instances, anyone associated in any way with this class expressly disclaim any liability that may result from the use or misuse of any of the techniques or other information featured in this class or links from this Class/website or any other source. Safety for you and your family is your responsibility.

We will have tents set up for shade. We are heading into the summer months. We will book Scoot n Shoots and classes as requests and commitments from participants come in. If you have a group that is interested in practice or training, let us know.
If this is your 1st time shooting or drawing from a holster we may ask you to come at 1pm so we can give you special attention. contact Jeff 239-641-6140.
In the big bay we have new targets and new skill building opportunities. We have A zone USPSA targets for practice with out the need to call a cold line.We have dueling tree set up for dueling.

We will shoot rain or shine.
It will be a fun experience for all. Bring your rain gear boots etc. Will your gear work wet? Can you draw from wet clothes? Great time to practice retaining your magazines. We will only have a morning session. If intense showers or thunder become a problem we will wait out the storm then resume. We will likely only schedule a morning shoot. If it rains we can take shelter and resume when things clear up. Bring boots in case of standing water. Not that there will be but lets be prepared. You know if I don’t want it to rain I bring my rain gear.

Remember that our Scoot n Shoots are designed to be supervised practice; however, we can teach you how to safely draw a gun if you have never done that before. If you are very new to all of this we recommend you let us know in advance. We have all the gear anyone would need to participate. We will loan it for free. Just let us know what your needs are before you come.

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