Red Dot


All the shooting depicted on this page was done with a red dot. even the 5 yard shooting. I teach the same drawing and presentation technique regardless of the clients preferred sighting system. Even a brand new shooter who does not have any desires to own a red dot gets taught the same method.

For the draw I have a robust method that I teach. This method is very helpful to the majority of real shooters who don’t have easy access to a full featured gun range.

Tools to maintain your RED DOT

Fix It Sticks FISTL10 10 Inch Lbs Small Portable Torque Limiter

Last found Optics @ Planet Link

Vibra-TITE – Removable Medium Strength Gel Anaerobic Threadlocker, 35 ml Pump, Blue

CHPWS GLOCK MOS Plate V4 MIL – GLOCK Accessories Handgun Sight Mounting Adapter Optical Sights for Handguns GLOCK Red Dot Mount GLOCK Sight Tool Kit Leo to Trijicon RMR SRO Holosun Optics – GL-RSH

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