CCWL Defensive Carry / Concealed Carry Weapon Licenses class

Defensive Carry 

 Exceeds requirement as stated in FL 790.06


Videos to Watch Before Taking any CCWL class

Defensive Carry  is a Certificated Concealed Weapon License / CCWL Class

Where to go to apply for your CCWL after our class

Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing

Phone+1 (941) 240-3160


4451 Aidan Ln Unit 102 North Port, FL 34287 United States

Concealed Carry ONLY can also get printed at the Clerk’s Office by appointment as part of the entire application process.
(Note: If they have already submitted the CC application the Clerk will not fingerprint them.)
3291 E. Tamiami Trail
Naples, Florida 34112

CCWL “Concealed Carry Weapon License”.

Choose your instructor wisely.

If you are looking to get your CCWL we can help.

We can work around your schedule. The class takes longer than most and is more expensive. It includes videos that we will have you watch before taking the class. Our Classroom portion takes at least 4 hours. Included in the cost of the class is equipment rental (if needed). This enables us to not only teach you to shoot but how to draw re-holster and move with a gun in your hand.

The shooting portion of the class can be taught at LouLand Gun Club or at the Alamo it is an extra cost because of my Range fees.

Paying for and taking our class does not guarantee a passing grade and a certificate. Would you really want to take it if it did?

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PowerTac websight

PowerTac M5 Video

POM Pepper Spray

NEW! “Law of Self Defense: Principles” AUDIO BOOK!,204,203,200_.jpg
Concealed Carry Class: The ABCs of Self-Defense Tools and Tactics by [Tom Givens]

Concealed Carry Class: The ABCs of Self-Defense Tools and Tactics Kindle Edition

Defensive Carry

Introduction to firearms fundamentals and the concealed carry lifestyle.

Our training is designed to help you deal with:

Winning your gunfight.

Avoiding judicial prosecution.

The Law of Self Defense

Avoiding Civil Liability.

Inoculation against PTSD.

Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast

Medical training to save Lives.

This course will introduce you to the topics and skills you need.  This course is only the beginning of your journey into self-defense.

We teach Firearms Safety and Skills required for self defense. This also includes Mindset and we will discus legal issues with our students. For most of our students we will provide all of the equipment and ammo.  You don’t have to buy anything before you come train with us.

As self defense instructors we can’t afford to spend a lot of time teaching our students to shoot slowly.  We can teach them to find and use their sights quickly.  And shoot fast and accurately on demand.  

We can split the Mindset Law and dry practice part of the class and do that part at your location or our Private Classroom.  If you wish.  then we can teach the Live fire portion on another day.

For Large Groups we can create custom training packages.

Defensive Carry is a Certificated Concealed Weapon License / CCWL Class

Jeff Street call or text 239-641-6140 to schedule your class

Most of our students who take this class opt to borrow our equipment to insure a good/fun experience.

We can loan any or all of the equipment needed.  Eye protection Ear protection Gun Holster 2 mags and a belt if needed.  We need to know in advance so we know what to bring.

Weapon & Gear Requirements:

– Reliable handgun of at least 380 caliber 9mm preferred.

– Minimum of 3 serviceable pistol magazines.

– Good Sturdy belt.

– Non-collapsible holster that is made to fit your gun specifically Please note ***No Serpa holsters or Serpa style holster.

– Magazine pouch, magazines.

– Eye protection that wraps around to cover the side of your eyes, and ear protection (electronic hearing protection is preferred).

– Suitable range wear depending on the season.

High neck long sleeve shirt that is not as likely to catch hot brass

Long pants

A high collar or crew neck shirt. Closed toed shoes. A hat with a brim (baseball style is ok).

– Bug Spray, Sunscreen, water, energy bar.

– Good attitude leave your ego at home.

You need 200 rounds of ammo if you are having trouble finding ammo we can pick it up for you

 Call for Class Schedule or to Schedule a private class for you or your group

Contact Jeff at 239-641-6140 or Email:

Some of what will be covered:

Breakdown of firearm parts and their function

Basic elements of self-defense; Mindset, Law and Physical skills

Safety – Mindset and Skills

Situational Awareness

Firearm Manipulations

Firearm Marksmanship

The 5 links in the self-defense chain

Selecting the proper firearm for you

Maintaining your firearm

Storing your firearm

Dry practice drills and maintaining your skills.

Even though this course is far more thorough than most.  This is and should be only the beginning of your training.


John Murphy Concealed Carry Videos

Jeff at International Firearms Trainers Association shooting all head-shots from concealment.


Some FAQs about What You Need to Know About Carrying a Gun in Florida

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“Let the One Who Has No Sword Buy One”: The Christian Case for Carrying Firearms

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