Defensive Carry the Next Step



Defensive Carry the Next Step


Adding new skills for the defensive minded shooter.

This course is all about defensive shooting skills.  This is the course in which you will draw from concealment. Prerequisite for this class will be a great attitude, and safety skills that are extremely well established.

Yes some of it is Fundamentals faster.

Some of it is you need the foundation of unconscious competence before the advanced skills can be taught, because of safety concerns.

Some skills are much less likely to be needed so we don’t want to take the time away from the fundamentals training in a beginner class.

We will cite real life examples of failures and successes and teach you how to be successful in those situations.

We will teach you how to use cover and concealment effectively and quickly when you are being attacked.

Both Reactive Steel and Paper targets will be used.  You will shoot from a variety of distances.  We will use timers for some drills.

This will include some Video Feedback Training

This will include 3D targets please bring an old shirt to put on your target.


Pack a Lunch and water and snacks.

If you bring at least 500 rounds you should have enough.  Bring at least 1 round of your carry ammunition and 2 identical unopened 8-12 ounce plastic water bottles.  Don’t forget the old shirt.  If you don’t have one pick one up at Goodwill.