Defensive Pistol Skills and Drills



Defensive Pistol Skills and Drills

5 Yards 5Rounds 5 Seconds Business Card full sheet

Adding new skills for the defensive minded shooter.

This skills and drills course will not always be the same.  We will mix it up and use different drills and skill building techniques.  This is where you go to improve and test yourself.  Every student is somewhere along their skill journey as they show up to a given class.  Our goal with skills and drills classes is to give you an opportunity to try new things, work on old problems and improve your proficiency.

This course is all about defensive shooting skills.  This is the course in which you will draw from concealment.   Prerequisites for this class will be a great attitude, and safety skills that are  extremely well established.  You will need your gun or guns that you carry concealed.  you will need the holster, purse, etc.    If you don’t yet have a concealment holster contact us to help you find one.   If you have been coming to our Scoot n Shoots or draw from a holster in competitive gun matches regularly then you are probably ready to take this course.

Yes some of it is Fundamentals faster.

Some of it is you need the foundation of unconscious competence before the advanced skills can be taught, because of safety concerns.

Some skills are much less likely to be needed so we don’t want to take the time away from the fundamentals training in a beginner class.

We will cite real life examples of failures and successes and teach you how to be successful in those situations.

We will teach you how to use cover and concealment effectively and quickly when you are being attacked.

Both Reactive Steel and Paper targets will be used.  You will shoot from a variety of distances.  We will use timers for some drills.

Pack a Lunch and water and snacks.

If you bring at least 500 rounds you should have enough.   You will need 3 magazines for each gun that you will be using.

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