Private Concierge Services

We offer our private concierge service to allow you to train in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   We design your training experience around your current skill level and your training goals.  If you need to obtain a concealed carry license, we can provide the training. Our certificate will provide proof of your training with a firearm as required by Section 790.06(2)(h), Florida Statues, relating to competency with a firearm requirement in Florida.  Several of our clients already have a concealed carry license but realize that they are uncomfortable with their current skill level.  It is critical that anyone that decides to carry concealed is competent, confident and safe.  We should all be constantly evaluating our current levels of comfort and skill.

Many of our clients want to protect their privacy, especially when it comes to personal defense.  We understand and respect your needs. We can offer information and dry fire training in your home or office.  We can also provide live fire training at a range.  At the range, we can guide and coach you at the firing line or we can rent a bay to allow increased flexibility in your training and privacy.  You decide what location will provide the best training experience.

Please let us know how we can help you improve your skills.

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