Medical Training

Medical Training

Tac Med Solutuions

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First Aid kit AKA “scratch and dent repair kit”.

Get Red cross first aid training.

Get A.E.D. training

Get CPR training

Have on hand and when possible on body an IFAK Individual First Aid Kit.  AKA “blow out bag”.

In the current USA Military our soldiers in the field each carry an IFAK.  If one of the soldiers is injured his/her IFAK is used to treat the injury.  All of the soldiers are trained on the use of the IFAK.  I recommend you keep an IFAK in your car.

A great place to get and IFAK is  .

you can build your own

Tac Med Solutions Olaes Modular Bandage, 6 Inch

Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing First Aid Compression Bandage, 6 Inch


Step by Step Gun Training