Technical Skills

555BC drill. 5 Yards 5 Rounds 5 Seconds into a Business card. Line breaks count.  it’s a technical skill drill that forces the shooter to pay attention to what is important to operate at a higher level. It’s something that can be done at most ranges. Even indoor ranges that require “no rapid fire”. When someone hands you a business card that you don’t need, they just gave you a free target. It only takes 5 rounds to check yourself. 1st work on hitting the target. Then work on efficiency. Don’t worry about the time just work your process.

5 Yards 5Rounds 5 Seconds Business Card full sheet

555 BC dog tag
555 BC success

The Test B8-Repair-center-SSGTDownload

The Test 10 Yards 10 Rounds 10 Seconds.
The Test Explained Video

Use a B-8 repair center target. you can down load and print this one B8-Repair-center-SSGTDownload it is in PDF format. make sure you select “actual size” when printing. the 8 circle should be 8 inches when printed.

My version of the test. Line breaks count. No misses are allowed. All shots must occur within the 10 second limit. Starting position is ready or holster. lowest possible score is 80. highest is 100.

This an example of a target with a score of 99.

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