Personal Defense

SSGT LogoUnfortunately, we have all heard of stories of people becoming innocent victims of crime.  Nothing can be done to guarantee that you will not be targeted by a criminal, but there are steps that you do to minimize your chances.  We can offer helpful tips and suggestions that you can incorporate into your lifestyle and living environment.  A commitment to awareness and planning can make all the difference.


We are certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructors.

We can come to your home, office or club house.

Please contact us to schedule a seminar. 


Improve your personal safety strategies with NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® Program.

Experts agree that the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to refuse to be a victim. That means that you must have an overall personal safety strategy in place before you need it.

Through a four-hour seminar (shorter presentations are available) called Refuse To Be A Victim®, you can learn the personal safety tips and techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations and avoid becoming a victim.


Changes to awareness, lifestyle and environment are an important part of the personal defense. We can also provide instruction for other tools of self-defense. Of course, we offer firearm instruction. We can provide instruction for pistols, rifles or shot guns.


Many people overlook the need to have several tools in your self-defense toolbox. This can include items such as a tactical flashlight and OC spray. Whatever you choose, you need to familiarize yourself with its operation and how it fits in your personal self-defense plan.


Finally, we can help you to improve your personal safety plan for your home. Planning will help you to decrease the likelihood that you will be selected and increase the amount of time that you have to react to a potential problem. Working together, we will help you to analyze potential problem scenarios and develop some reaction plans.

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