Defensive Pistol & Rifle Home and Concealed Carry training, practice and gear shake down.

Movement, moving targets and scenarios will be addressed. Targets will include paper cardboard and photo realistic. Plate rack stationary steel and rubber dummy targets. Steel rotators and instruction for success.

This is an all-day class from 9am to 8pm. Bring your own water and food. Everyone should bring their everyday carry clothes and gear. Bring your other gear that you want to test including off body carry body armor IFAK Flashlight, etc.  If you can only make the morning session or the afternoon evening session that’s OK. We will have a safety brief in the morning and after lunch. Be on time, early and ready to go for the safety brief. We will be practicing rifle and pistol skills in both sessions. The price is the same either way Limited class size. Loner equipment available if pre-arranged contact Jeff.  If your skill or gear represents a safety concern, you will become an observer for that segment rather than slow down the class. Prepaid $200.00, day of event if spot available $250.00.  

Step by Step Gun Training