Waivers Release Forms Pre-Event Paperwork

Release Forms

These can be filled out Legibly and emailed to me as a single PDF or printed legibly and handed to me or mailed so I can scan them

This is both the Step by Step Gun training and the LouLand Waiver Release form. It is 4 pages total. It is a PDF. You can fill it out with your computer if you are technologically gifted and email it to me as a single PDF to Jeff@StepByStepGunTraining.com . Or you can print it out and fill it out LEGIBLY and bring it to the check in of the event.

SSGT & LouLand Release Forms 4 pages

Minor or child Release Form

Alamo’s Waiver expires every 12 months

Alamo Range Waiver Release forms

Step by Step Gun Training Adult Release Forms

Step by Step Gun Training