Influential Instructors

Frequently  you will hear us mention the name of an instructor  as we give credit to them for a concept or a technique (or just something that they said that we found amusing).          We do this out of respect and gratitude.  We also do this so you can seek them out for additional training.

Instructors specialize.  Some instructors teach defensive shotgun but leave rifle to others.  Some teach OC spray less lethal.  Some teach medical trauma.  One company Teaches an armed parent guardian class.

We can give you a taste of many of these classes (not all).  If you really want to dive into the material from the current source, we encourage you the seek out training from them.  That is not possible if the influential instructor has passed away.  however there still is a way in many cases to get the information directly from them.  They have written books, produced DVDs, or have information still available on  the Internet.  Course work listed that we have not taken is done so because people we trust very much have given us after action reports and we recommend their instruction to our students.

We don’t all agree on everything. There are some instructors that we have trained with, that we gleaned some very good information from that are not on this list.  That is because some of the other things they teach are extremely counter productive.  There are some instructors not listed that we have trained with that are very good,  but if they don’t “live in our brain” as we instruct some elements of what we do they don’t get posted as influential.  There surely are instructors that should be on the list, and we will probably correct that oversight in the future.

We also take locally taught classes.  We want to see for ourselves the instruction that our students received before finding us.  Not that it is all bad.  Some things, unfortunately are so bad we feel a need to proactively correct the problem with a warning to our students.

Some of the instructors listed have trained us directly.  We have Instructor certifications from some.  We have class certifications from many.  We have assisted a few with instructing their classes. We have attended lectures by many.   Still others we never met in person yet they still influence us with there living legacy, books, video, internet presence etc.

The order of appearance in this list is not indicative of importance


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