Dry Practice

SSGT LogoDry PracticeTraining – What is it?

Dry Practicetraining is learning new skills with the assistance of a trainer without ammunition.  This is where proper technique is developed and confirmed.  In a Dry Fire environment, each element can be examined in an isolated way.  This is much more productive than trying to do this with live ammunition.  Without a skilled trainer present, training scars (bad habits) can be created and reinforced.  To establish a habit requires 300 to 500 repetitions.  To retrain a bad habit requires approximately 3,000 to 5,000 repetitions.  That is why it is so critical to learn and train using proper techniques.

Dry PracticePractice – What is it?

Dry practice is anything you can safely do at home without ammunition after the skills have been properly established.

We use SIRT Training Pistols, Barrel Blocks and LASR Computer Software when training unless we are at a range working with live ammunition.

 Barrel Blocks—Train Safe LLC

* Safely disables firearm for training purposes.        * Provides visual evidence of disabled firearm even with chamber closed.      * Firearm cannot be fired with barrel block in place.

 SIRT Training Pistols

* Practice Sight Picture            * Improve Trigger Press              * Practice without the expense of ammunition.

L.A.S.R.: Laser Activated Shot Reporter


* Get instant feedback on shot placement        * Get draw time and split times         * Settings for individual drills or group competition           * Single or multiple customized targets

Rangemaster Suggested Drills

SSGT Pre Live Fire Range Day Dry Practice safety skills

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