Blue Gun Scenario Class

SSGTBlue Gun Scenario Class

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Do you want to learn how to recognize threats earlier? Will your brain say “I got this” or will it say “it’s time to panic”.  Our 1st Blue Gun Class sold out and was very successful. We will be posting level 1 and level 2 classes soon. PLEASE Get back to us with dates/days that work for you.
Blue Gun Training. Scenario training without the pain. We want you to be able to quickly recognize situations and have the tools available to handle them. We want you to have a time advantage greater than you can have with your firearms skills alone. This training will make you less likely to be selected for attack in the first place. You will have a better understanding of when and how much force to use. This very well may be the best value in time and cost of any defensive training your will ever receive.

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Links to Help you before and after the class

Active Self Protection Videos and explanations of  actual defensive encounters.

Blue Guns get an inert plastic gun with the exact dimensions as your defensive tool for training.


Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc.

Image result for glock 19 gen 4 blue gun