Defensive Rifle Outdoor

Defensive Rifle Outdoor Only

usually taught in the winter time

AR style Rifle course. It will Be a partial day class.  Class size is limited to increase your personal attention and keep class time shorter.  We have loaner guns and gear. We will help you select the gear you need.  Bring Snacks water etc.

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This is a certificated class from Step by step gun training, if you pass the qualification.

This is a class for defensive pistol shooters looking to learn about defensive rifle shooting.

All Rifles are bagged when walking from your vehicle to the range.  Keep it bagged until ready to shoot or sling the rifle.  Ask a  Range Officer  to help you.  Bottom line if you don’t have a bag for your rifle, get one.

300-500 rounds of 55 grain 5.56 ammo plus pistol ammo

Learn how to sight in an optic on a rifle without special lighting or special sighting tools.

How to use a sling.

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Ultimate Arms Gear ST Action Pro Pack Of 20 Inert .223 REM Remington 5.56 NATO M16 AR-15 M4 Rifle Orange Safety Trainer Cartridge Dummy Ammunition Ammo Shell Rounds with Brass Case

I will have TRTs available at the class

5.56 Tap Rack Training Aid (TRT) 

5.56 Tap Rack Training Aid (TRT), Rogers - HolsterOps

For transporting your AR in a smaller bag you can use socks to keep foreign materials out.

Transition between rifle pistol and pistol rifle.

Movement and use of cover or concealment.

Carry on basic life functions with a rifle.

Account for the optics offset.

Use weapon mounted lights and hand held lights with a rifle.

Proper use of the safety.

Safety specific to rifles.

Why a suppressor is great for home defense.

Why a rifle may be a better home defense choice.

Reloading under various conditions.

Field striping and cleaning the rifle.

Mag changes.

Flash Hider vs Compensator.

Different Shooting positions.

CQB Manipulations.

Safe storage of rifles.

Ammo Choices.

Please watch these videos before the class

Sand Testing An AR15, M1A, And MAS 49/56

AR15: Mud Test

AR15 M16 Operation And Functioning Cycle

See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps) – Smarter Every Day 177