Team Family


Every member of the family needs to be part of the families safety and security team.  I remember a Brady Bunch episode in which they practiced a home fire drill.  Every member of the family had a role.  Not the same role for every member.  Age, physical abilities, and training are some determining factors when determining the responsibilities that will be assigned to each family member.

We strive to have as much cross training within the family unit as possible.  As an example, husbands and wives should be able to use each others guns with confidence and competence.  Medical training, situational awareness training, fire extinguisher usage, door locking, and alarm usage are important for everyone to know.

Awareness outside the home is also extremely important.  A family emergency word that gets their attention  and lets them know the next command ” we are leaving now” is a potential matter of life and death.  Each family member should know how to handle a parking garage or a mall parking lot.  You need to decide where and when to store your valuables in your car.  Do you know what supplies you should always have in your car?  Most people do not have adequate supplies.  Flashlight selection and usage as a primary defensive tool is a great choice.  They can be carried anywhere by anyone.

We can also help with selection, usage and installation tips for security cameras.  We can come to your home to evaluate your needs and suggest ways to handle every day security and emergencies.  We will recommend camera placement and teach you how to monitor your home using various technology.

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