John Farnam Vehicle Defense March 3rd & 4th

Defense Training International John Farnam March 3rd and 4th 2018 Vehicle Defense, Naples, FL This year we use a Mercedes.

The Normal online price is $700
Special Price for this Naples Class: $585.00
Click the link above fill out the form and the price will show up as $585.00 before you have to enter your credit card information.



Lecture & Training outline:

  • Principles of shooting from inside vehicles
  • Principles of shooting at threats inside vehicles (moving and stationary)
    • Shooting at cars: metal, glass, tires, motor, gas tank
  • Using cars as cover
  • Car penetration by various bullets and types of firearms; metal, glass, tires, motor, gas tank
  • Using the car itself as a missile against criminal pedestrians and other cars
  • Protecting passengers
  • Hardening vehicles, formal and improvised
  • Defeating vehicular pursuits; slow and fast
  • Defeating attack by armed pedestrians
  • Ramming (also mentioned above)
  • Defeating stationary attack

In our Vehicle Defense Course, we use an “expendable” vehicle that is usually not even running. Live fire exercises do NOT involve moving vehicles. You will not be asked to use your personal vehicle for any portion of the training.

This Mercedes is the Vehicle for the class.