Defensive Rifle Step 1


Defensive Rifle

the 1st step

Call for Date 10am to 5pm approximately

for info call Jeff @ 239-641-6140

or email

This is a certificated class from Step by step gun training.

This is a class for defensive pistol shooters looking to learn about defensive rifle shooting.  The class is approximately 10 hours long including a lunch break.  If the restaurant at the local hotel is open we will eat there (lunch is not included in the class price).

All Rifles are bagged when walking from your vehicle to the range.  Keep it bagged until ready to shoot or sling the rifle.  Ask a SSGT rifle checked out Range Officer  to help you.  Bottom line if you don’t have a bag for your rifle, get one.

We suggest 500 rounds of pistol and 500 rounds of rifle

Learn how to sight in an optic on a rifle without special lighting or special sighting tools.

How to use a sling.

DTI Range Safety | Part 1 of 2

DTI Range Safety Part 2 of 2

Transition between rifle pistol and pistol rifle.

Carry on basic life functions with a rifle.

Account for the optics offset.

Use weapon mounted lights and hand held lights with a rifle.

Proper use of the safety.

Safety specific to rifles.

Reloading under various conditions.

Field striping and cleaning the rifle.

Mag changes.

Different Shooting positions.

CQB Manipulations.

Safe storage of rifles.

Ammo Choices.