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This Years Everglades Glock Range Event is Scheduled for November 12th 2016



Medallion Winners

Best Female Limited – Michele E.

Best Female Open – Brenda L.

Best Guardian Limited – Ron C.

Best Guardian Open – David G.

Best Plates Limited – Stephen B.

Best Plates Open – Stephen B.

Glock ‘M Limited – Stephen B.

Glock ‘M Open – Stephen B.

Five to Glock Limited – Stephen B.

Five to Glock Open – Stephen B.

Best Male Limited – Stephen B.

Best Male Open – Stephen B.

Best Civilian Limited – Stephen B.

Best Civilian Open – Stephen B.

7 Glock Winners

Steve B. Won 10 medals and a Glock #104

Andrea D #127

Bob C #13

Diane C #14

Brenda L #6

Lauren P #33

Sheryl W #45

2015 Everglades Glock Range Event   Saturday October 24th 2015 9am-4pm A Day at the Range with all things Glock Shoot courses for fun or for competition.  The courses are based on GSSF events (but not exactly. The Layout is the same, round count and strings will differ).  Prizes will be awarded for: * Best score on GLOCK the Plates * Best score on GLOCK M * Best score on Five to Glock * Best Civilian Competitor * Best Guardian Competitor * Best female * Best Male.  Perfect course of fire in the Just for Fun Stage.   GLOCK representatives will be onsite to discuss and demonstrate what Glock has to offer. Organized by Step by Step Gun Training Check out the website for details and updates stepbystepguntraining.com or call 239-641-6140.

$5 is the admission fee, each course of fire for fun or for competition is $5 and you get a ticket for drawings to win prizes including a Glock (must be legally able to buy a handgun to win a Glock).

You will need ammo (amount depends on how much you want to shoot.  You can get back in line and reshoot any stage for another $5 each time as many times as time will allow).  Everglades ammo will be there to sell ammo if you run out of ammo.

You need eye and ear protection on at all times even when you are not shooting.  You are responsible for keeping it on.  If you don’t have any it will be available at a nominal cost.  If you want a chair please bring one.  you are welcome to bring your own cooler with your favorite non-alcoholic beverages.  You will need your drivers license.

For those that do not bring a hand gun we will have loaner guns.  These are brand new Glock 17 Generation 4s and we are not charging a rental fee.

The range is a cold range (cold range means no loaded firearms except when a shooter is on the firing line and before they leave the firing line they show clear and lock the slide open) and a holster is not needed as you will not be shooting from a draw.

If you bring your own gun bring it unloaded and in a gun bag or case.

Hourly drawings for prizes  – you get an entry in the drawing for each stage that you shoot.  Prizes will be awarded at the Just for Fun stage based on performance. 

This is intended to be a fun family friendly event.  Anything is subject to change.  We ask every one that attends understand the spirit of this event and keep safety in mind.

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Hosted by Lou Zalesnak at Louland Gun Club 12425 Union Road, Naples, FL, 34114 gunrangenaples.com   (239) 682-3452

Aerial LouLand

Big Papas

Food will be available. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen will be on site.  This is your opportunity to try their award winning cuisine.



Click on the company logo for each sponsor to find out more about their products/services.


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LE Targets







Atlantis Roofing





Crystal Horizon



Everglades Ammo

Flash Bang

 National Guard

Ginas Cafe


Grip Pro Trainer


Gun Tote'n Mamas










Lone Star Medics Caleb Causey



Madison Rising



Millers Ale House





Mag-jic holster

Mag-jic Magnetic Holsters

Polite Society Podcast





Makers of Corrosion free long term storage bags

great for guns and ammo



Swansens electric


Train Safe








 Product demonstration bays will be set up to allow you to talk to company representatives.  They will be focused on the variety of Glock products and the  products that can be added to the firearms. At the Glock bay, participants will be able to see and handle the actual firearm models.  Company representatives will be available to discuss the products and your unique questions.  The Glock bay will be set up to allow interested participants to have the opportunity to fire various models. There will also be bay space devoted for a variety of companies to discuss and demonstrate products. Please continue to check the website to see which companies will be at the event to showcase their products.

We will have 7 Glocks to give away as prizes.  6 of the Glocks will be part of the random drawings.  1 will be part of the competition.  You must be 21 or older and legally able to buy a hand gun to win a Glock.  You will get a certificate from Glock that you can use to buy a Glock from your favorite gun dealer.  The certificate can not be traded in for any cash value.  This way you get to pick the Glock you want.  If you want the new MOS Glock you can get that but you will have to pay the difference.  You will have to pay some sales tax but the gun itself will be paid for by the certificate.

The Competition winners will win a medal.  They each will also win an extensive prize package from Glock.   They will be put into a select drawing of just the winners of the Glock style shooting events to potentially win the remaining Glock.

You will need ammo.  If you need some Everglades ammo will be on site to sell it to you.


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