fundamentals of knife defense and knife deployment

In Florida holding a concealed weapons license allow us to carry pocket knives into many places where firearms are not allowed. Many carry such pocket knives as a tool and consider them as a back up resort in a lethal or aggressive threat. Most practice the quick draw the quick opening of a folded knife, how to hold them and where to conceal them, however, they lack the training on body positioning, hand location, and how to survive an attack.

This 3 hour course will prepare you to learn the basic and fundamental of knife defense and knife deployment.

Part 1 Building the mind

  1. Understanding knife defense. posture, hand positioning, footwork and attitude.
  2. Understanding types of attackers and basic angles of attack
  3. Understanding knife location with a concealed and without a concealed firearm

Part 2 Hands on

  1. Practicing ” Noli me Tanghere”. Touch me not
  2. Practicing using live hand concept
  3. Practicing knife deployment

Part 3 More Hands on

  1. Practicing attacker attachment vs no attachment (holding)
  2. Intro to force on force
  3. Review

Paul Rosales is a certified trainer in Filipino Martial arts, Muay Thai, Self-Defense. Over 30 yrs of training in various Martial arts and combat sports. Trained professional fighters in and out of the ring. Trained first responders and civilians on prevention and survival skills on an attack.

Listen to my interview with Paul Rosales the instructor for this class on Real Gun Radio

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