2A Fun Day

There are 4 bays The Big bay for Practice and GLOCK Demos, and 3 USPSA steel stages

Why are the stages Named 1,2,5? because that’s how they are numbered at the matches.

Stage 1 the Eagle Stage

Stage 2 the Gator Stage

Stage 5 the GSD Stage

2A Fun Day will kick off our Scoot & Shoot season. 2A Fun Day November 11th, 2023 This event is a celebration of our 2A freedom.

This event will be held at LouLand Gun Club

GLOCK will be there with Representatives and Guns to shoot. GLOCK will bring Swag (Souvenirs Wearables and Gifts) that you can buy. This is an event for All skill levels. We will have loaner guns and Holsters available; you need to let us know in advance What you need to borrow. Belt loops and a good sturdy belt are necessary. If you have never drawn from a holster before we can give you some safety instructions or you don’t have to draw.  We are limiting the Number of participants and we will have 4 shooting bays instead of the usual 3.  You don’t have to shoot to have fun, but everyone needs to pay the $50 Dollar Admission fee, fill out the waivers and wear eye and ear protection. If you want to register or prepay contact Jeff at 239-641-6140 to reserve your spot. If you would like to volunteer to help, contact me. If you have a great Idea to make it even better don’t keep it to yourself.

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